N.B-52 Percieved In Wrong Way? + *Video*

Some supporters in England in my opinion percieve featured player Nicklas Bendtner in the wrong way, some fellow Gooners I have spoken to tend to think probably because of his tall frame that he is just an aerial threat/targetman. Having watched Bendtner play from 2005 I personally think he is percieved in the wrong way, he is technically very good with decent pace and has good vision.

I remember watching Arsenal Reserves play in 2005-6, Bendtner had an almost telepaphic combination with Arturo Lupoli, who both scored 49 goals between them. The little Italian would make a run and the Big Dane would find him with a through ball or a cross. There was one game a long ball was hit towards N.B-52 he took it down on his chest before racing away from two defenders and crossing for Lupoli to head in to put the Reserves in the lead.

Many where suprised how good the big Dane was with his feet and his suprising turn of pace for such a tall guy. Ex Denmark, Man Utd and Monaco full back John Sivebaek once said ‘His speed and technique reminds me that of Thierry Henry but there is also a little bit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his challenging and unpredictable style’. He went on loan to Birmingham City under Steve Bruce and flourished scoring 13 goals and getting some assists along the way. Apparently after watching him a few times in training Bruce said Bendtner was the biggest talent he had seen since Ryan Giggs at Man Utd.

N.B-52 has 51 caps for his country -Denmark, scoring 20 goals so far and getting quite a few assists. Denmark play in a similar way to the Gunners where the ball 90% of the time is played along the ground in a patient possesion philosophy.  Bendtner has been used in different positions for the Dane’s, During their qualification for the South Africa World Cup 2010 he was used on the left side of a front three often cutting inside with the ball, running at his full back or switching play to the pacey Dennis Rommedahl.

Many times late on in games N.B-52 was used as a late substitute and time was running out and he was used as somewhat a target to launch balls towards in the air. Maybe thats where some supporters have got their impression of the Danish attacker. Of course, he can be used as an aerial threat with his height but I think his game is more about finesse and with the ball at his feet.

Whats your opinion on the tall striker ?

Cheers Matthew Collins


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  1. I believe he’s loves himself to much dont get me wrong sport in general the greatones have some arrogance about them but heres the difference they back that up by performance consistant top level performance now Bendtner has always baffled me at Arsenal i saw he had the talent he was young good solid frame and everything you said but for some reason he would play like he couldnt be bothered out there so i thought ok maybe the Gunners aint team for him and then he got loaned out to Sunderland i thought right lets see you do your stuff i got to say he proved hes an idiot instead of knuckling down and proving Wenger wrong he basically feel in love with himself more gets himself arrested lets out stupid quotes like im the best striker in europe dribble and yet nothing to back it up Nicolas Bendtner will be talked about as a guy who could of been somebody but got a ronaldo type attitude young without ever backing it up on the field.

  2. could possibly turn into a decent player problem is he thinks he is already a world class player and has done for a few years.

  3. i think he is good as any other striker in the world an das a Arsenal fan wenger has killed alots of talent ( Chamakh-Bendtner etc) if you cant play them why bring them ????

  4. It surprises me that there is no interest in a capable striker. Is he a liability in the dressing room or what?

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