Former Strike Partner Lupoli Praise For N.B-52

Many of use guys that watched Arsenal youth and reserve teams would have seen the deadly partnership that featured player Nicklas Bendtner & Arturo Lupoli had in their teenage years. What i can remember Lupoli was a great little finisher and was quick on the turn, whislt Bendtner would normally come deeper and give Lupoli the assist with a through ball or a cross.
The Italian striker has had spells in Italy with Fiorentina, Ascoli, Treviso and Grossetto. With so many rumours going around of possibleĀ  clubs Nicklas Bendtner could join Lupoli has said he thinks N.B-52 would fit in well in Serie A.

A.Lupoli . . .

It ‘a first tip very strong physically, but also has a good technique, in short, he is a complete player. It ‘a player still young but already mature might do well in Serie A after the experience in the Premiership. Because of his outspokenness was a bit ‘penalized at Arsenal.



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  1. why have you not left AFC yet GET a move you twat

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