Agger & Juve Defender Praise For Feat Player Nicklas Bendtner

Before Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier between Italy & Denmark, where the Italians took the three points with a 3-1 lead but it could be said that the scoreline did somewhat flattered the hosts in a very open end to end game at the San Siro.

Bendtner played the 90 mins and had a decent game to be fair, early on he was coming deep and getting involved in the build up play and link play and showing some lovely control and touches. It was a good spectacle and was a real attacking game of football with the likes of Pirlo, Montilivo Ballotelli, Eriksen, Krohn-Dehli and N.B on the field.

Before the game Denmark’s Daniel Agger and Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli commented on the big Dane . . .


We’ll have to pay Bendtner some close attention,” the centre-back noted. “Italy haven’t seen him yet, but I face him in training everyday. He’s mobile, strong in the air and is dangerous with the ball at his feet.


Nicklas has changed 100 percent and works really tough, which even I can see. You can just see how thin he is, he’s damn been a crane fly. He works really tough, as I can see. Here yesterday He came and asked if we should not strength train, entirely voluntary.

–  Nicklas is finding its way right now. He has obviously had a hard time – especially in the last time at Arsenal and is now in a new club.  It’s always a challenge to start a new club, and it is also for Nicklas, but he has many qualities that he has proven he has. The important thing is that he has proven that he can be here at the top level. He has played for Arsenal, a top club in England, and scored plenty of goals for them, so he has proven that he can succeed anywhere.

I have no doubt that he gets the chance to Juventus and then they surely enough to enjoy him and use him more. You can say many things about Nicklas, but on the pitch he has the qualities to reach the very top. I also think that he has developed immensely in recent years, evolved for the better. He has become more serious, really serious about his career.


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  1. May be Agger is right.on my point of view i thinj Nicklas deserve another chance at arsenal

  2. May be Agger is right.on my point of view i think Nicklas deserve another chance at arsenal

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