Nicklas Bendtner Up For 2012 Individual Award Along With Daniel Agger, Zimling and Kvist + *Videos*

Featured player Nicklas Bendtner is in the running for the 2012 Danish Player Of The Year Award for this calendar year. All 4 players were crucial in the EURO12′ Quals and also in the real thing in Poland n Ukraine. Feat player N.B had an very important run in the qualifiers and was so vital for DK scoring 5 goals in 5 games at one stage and also had an impressive EURO12 by scoring twice and doing the ‘dirty work’ as he run alot off the ball for his native Denmark which was a new aspect of his game and put in a real shift.

Also though you can’t forget the likes of Denmark captain Daniel Agger’s performances, taking the ball out of the back and starting attacks with a great eye for a pass with that well known left foot and throwing himself into everything. Also the partnership between William Kvist and Niki Zimling who compliment eachother. I’d say Nicklas Bendtner is the slight favourite as he had a terrific qualifiers where DK relied alot on his strikes and in the EURO12 where he heroicly inspired Denmark to get back to 2-2 with Portugal before the Portueguese striking very late on to break Danish hearts.

Heres some reminders . . .

Cheers – Matthew Collins


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  1. yes all of these 4 are great but i think that Zimling isnt at the same line he is good but with his clup i didnt see him so cant say : soooo for me its ??? agger or Bendtner even Kivest can grab it

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