Michael Laudrup & Danish Manager Morten Olsen On N.B @ Juve’

Undoubtedly Denmark’s best ever player and greatest technician, Michael Laudrup, who also played for Italian giants Juventus along with Barcelona and Real Madrid in a hollywood footballing career thinks featured player Nicklas Bendtner should focus on his long term future in a firm but fair manner.

Laudrup Current Swansea Manager :  . . .

 Bendtner will be at the age of 25 in a few months, which means that he will soon be in its best football age. So he must soon have to take a serious decision about what he wants with his footballing career.

I think it is unfortunate that Denmark’s best striker is on the bench almost all the time, but the only one who can do something about it, Is Nicklas himself.

Denmark long serving manager Morten Olsen also noted that sometimes in this life patience can be somewhat a swear word and called for NB to show his true potential when he gets more opportunities.

Morten Olsen: . . .

In our lives is patience is a swear-word. Bendtner has come to a good club, which also has some other attacking players. Juventus are SerieA champions, and the attackers have done well, and they have some form of credit from last season’s championship.

It’s for Bendtner to draw attention to himself every time he gets playing time.The attackers are different, and Bendtner is not the same type as the other.   It is not me who makes the team. It is Conte, But I think that Bendtner has done well when he has had the opportunity. It’s the only thing he can do. Then there are others who have the responsibility and power to put the team they think is best against a particular opponent. Juventus will play many games, and there are many times damage/Injuries/Fatigue in November and December because people are overloaded, and then it’s fine that you have many attack players.

Olsen has no problem with Nicklas Bendtner’s physique or fitness form from when the Danish camp last met up in WC Quals against Bulgaria and Italy.

 Bendtner was in excellent physical shape, just as he was during the Euro 12′ and it shall be the base of it all. Because we know he can play football – especially when he is physically strong and fit. That is what we should be pleased at the moment.

feel free to leave your opinions and views below…

Cheers – Matthew Collins


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