Morten Olsen: Bendtner Is Not Out For The Season

There has been many rumour son featured player Nicklas Bendtner’s injury in the past week. Juventus manager Antonio Conte’s quotes may have been translated worngly but Morten Olsen, The Denmark National team manager reckons nothing has changed and that Bendtner will be out for what was originally stated 3 months back in mid December.

Morten Olsen:

So far as I know, there is no change in the forecasts said three months. I’m certainly not been informed otherwise, and I might have been if the injury had been worse. So I still go out from that Nicklas is ready again in March.

I’ve seen his (Conte’s) Opinions, and I think the fact that he believes that the season is coming to an end when Nicklas is back. I’m not talking day to day with my players, but in this case I have not heard anything other than that he would be out for three months, says the Danish national team manager.


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  1. You need to recover dude also put off arogance so that you can live up to your potentials

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