Nicklas Bendtner Back In Juve 23 Man Squad For Clash With AC Milan After 4 Month Injury Spell


Nicklas Bendtner is back! yep you read it right, back  in action after a long spell on the sidelines with an unfortunate 4 month thigh/groin problem. He is in the 23-man squad for Juventus’ Serie A clash with Italian giants AC Milan in what should be a mouth watering clash. It was a long road to recovery after going under the knife for surgery and then a prolonged rehabilation process took place for the 6″5 Danish attacker.

It’s great to hear NB is back, you don’t wanna see a player of his calibre wasting away in the stands/sidlines. I’ve been a strong enthusiast to his footballing career ever since he broke through into the AFC reserves, during his loan spell at Brum and seen him play numerous times for Denmark. I believe NB is vastly underrated in the football world i made this weblog when i was 15 and still hope NB realizes his footballing potential. He’s a rare type of striker, standing at 6ft 5 you would presume he is a somewhat old skool English no#9 with his height and physical attributes but that is not the case, technically very good, can drop deep and play ” the final pass” ” through ball” and has good vision. You don’t get labelled ‘Technically great and intelligent’ by the North-East version of Messi lightly ( Sessegnon on NB). So Arsenal/Birmingham/Sunderland/Juventus & Denmark football followers leave your comments if you want, and let me know you’re opinions, Cheers peeps!

Article By Matthew Collins


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  1. yes he was good but the stupid mind he get in latest years is destroying him slowly if he didn’t catch the line in the next season where ever he play ( he will be done for good) and want improve any further than drinking and driving in OP direction.

    good luck Bendy 😉

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