A Reminder Of Nicklas Bendtner’s Ability . . . *Videos*


Agent: Nicklas Bendtner Could Possibily Be Back For Denmark’s Next Two World Cup Qualifiers In March


Featured player Nicklas Bendtner has been suffering from a long term injury after being injured in a tackle in a Coppa Italia game for Juventus in December. Bendtner is currently on a rehabilation course to strengthen the muscle thigh/groin before he is able to start working with the ball at his feet again and running at full pace. Nicklas’ agent Tom Brookes has said its even possible Bendtner could be back playing if everything goes to plan and it is in Bendtner’s best intentions to be fighting fit for Denmark’s two crucial qualifiers in March.

Brookes : ( NB Agent) :

We can not put a date on a comeback yet, but Nicklas is  working hard to get ready for the Danish national team in March. It is his great hope to become part of the national team squad for the two very important matches.

Nicklas’ rehabilitation goes according to plan, and he has recovered well from surgery. It will be a matter of time, if he can manage to recover enough to be combative, but he strives for it.

So Arsenal/Denmark/Juventus supporters, football fans all around the world that hold Nicklas in high regard and see his potential, what do you think ?

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Morten Olsen: Bendtner Is Not Out For The Season

There has been many rumour son featured player Nicklas Bendtner’s injury in the past week. Juventus manager Antonio Conte’s quotes may have been translated worngly but Morten Olsen, The Denmark National team manager reckons nothing has changed and that Bendtner will be out for what was originally stated 3 months back in mid December.

Morten Olsen:

So far as I know, there is no change in the forecasts said three months. I’m certainly not been informed otherwise, and I might have been if the injury had been worse. So I still go out from that Nicklas is ready again in March.

I’ve seen his (Conte’s) Opinions, and I think the fact that he believes that the season is coming to an end when Nicklas is back. I’m not talking day to day with my players, but in this case I have not heard anything other than that he would be out for three months, says the Danish national team manager.

Juventus Will Keep Nicklas Bendtner For The Remainder Of The Season Despite 3 Month Injury


ImageFeatured player Nicklas Bendtner suffered a bad injury In last Wednesdays Coppa Italia game against Cagilira. NB was stretchered off via a stretcher after getting to the ball just before the defender. The Denmark Striker hasn’t had the best of luck in Turin and hasn’t had many opportunities to shine as he more often than not comes on to make 5-10 minute cameo’s in Serie A and now this long term injury.

If you look at things from the NB’s perspective you gotta just have a positive mindset, Juventus staff have said to the Italian Medias that despite Nicklas being injured for a good 3 months they still wanna keep him for the remainder of the Serie A n Uefa Champions League campaign and that obviously shows they believe in him as a striker. I hope he can get back asap to fitness, I’ve always rated Bendtner’s game and think he has great technique for his size standing at 194-195cm, quality first touch and that famous quote probably comes into the agenda again “good feet for a big man”  NB can see the pitch and has a good level of vision. Maybe he doesn’t excel in the physical battle and I don’t think he should be used as a targetman personally but thats just my opinion. I think he will have to work immensely hard to get back to the level of fitness and maybe i think at times he can be abit to laid back and could be maybe a little bit physically sharper so i think that will  be the main priority when he comes back from this lay off in late March. What do Denmark n AFC/Juve supporters and watchers think leave your comments below.

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Flashback : . . . Nicklas Bendtner + *Videos*

At six feet three inches tall, it’s hard to believe that Nicklas Bendtner is still only 16 years of age.

What is just as impressive is that the powerfully built young Dane has the touch, control and agility that belies his sizeable frame.

Before I came to Arsenal I tended to play as the second centre-forward. I have also played half a season as a centre-back but it is as a striker that I believe that I am at my best. People have said that I have good control for a tall player but that’s the way it has always been for me. I don’t think it is because I have played in midfield and other positions that I have developed my control and passing, I think it is because I could play well with the ball at my feet that I was put in those positions in the first place.

Should, as is hoped, the chant, “there’s only one Nicky Bendtner,” one day resound around our new stadium, no truer words will have been sung in a football stadium.

The 17 year-old Dane is a mix between the old traditional English centre-forward and the more modern technically astute athlete of a striker. For a player who will not be 18 years of age until January, he cuts a colossal figure at over 6′ 3″, is a threat in the air but has good pace with and without the ball. Nicklas has an eye for goal and a pass and is quite possibly the quintessential all-round striker of which there are not too many, if any, of his type in the Premiership and beyond: “I think that is quite true,” he agrees.

Cheers – Matthew Collins

Nicklas Bendtner On Arsenal, Being Boxed Off & Adapting To Life At Juve

Some of my friends in London are in the art world and they introduced me to it slowly. There are always new things happening in that world, new artists coming up, so it’s something you can never get tired of if you understand what I mean. The new thing I like are the graffiti artists, I think they’re quite interesting.

‘I have seven paintings and three sculptures which I’m really proud of. My favourite is probably the first one I bought which is the Damien Hirst. I love it. I can look at it all day long. It represents me in sort of a way because I can see something of me in it. That keeps me looking at it and finding new things. ‘It’s nice when you get to know a person and find a new depth to them. Each time you meet there’s something new and interesting cropping up.

The painting is particularly significant to Bendtner because he believes people stopped looking for anything new in him a long time ago.

‘I got a bit stuck in England, At times I felt I was misunderstood and people had sort of boxed me off.  Everyone will have an opinion of me but very few know what I’m like. A lot of things have been written about me and taken out of proportion. Nicklas said this, Nicklas said that. No matter how many times I try to clear it up, people never seem to let it go. That’s what I mean by the painting.  I felt it was important to come to a new country and get a new start; get my career going again. ‘Italy has such great romance. it’s very beautiful. They have an art fair in Venice which is amazing, and Florence. They have so many great painters – not that I’ll be able to afford them in my lifetime. 

The car crash It set me back a huge deal,’ he admits. ‘When I finally got over that I was still part of Arsenal but not as I was before. Everything just hit me at once. I went through a complete transition and changed everything in my life after that.  I’m still young but when I was younger I maybe didn’t think about what I had, what a big deal it was, and what you could do if you really put your mind to it.  Yes that [drinking and parties] was part of it. There are other aspects which are a bit more personal that I don’t want to get into.

When you experience the birth of your child, it’s amazing what happens,’ he says. ‘You change in your way of thinking. If you draw a circle and put arrows out there saying “this is in your life, and this is what you really need” there is actually very little you need to be happy.’It’s always been something I wanted but I probably wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. This last year it’s just started to happen.’

‘I feel that if I was still there I would be able to compete for a place. Despite what happened to me it’s still a great club and I still feel for some people there. I wouldn’t say that I can never ever go back but at the moment it’s not on my mind. 

I’ve settled in quite well,’ he says. ‘The hardest thing has been that none of the coaches apart from one speak any English so it’s been difficult for me to communicate with the staff and the players.

‘I have a teacher but I’m getting a new one because we didn’t get on – she didn’t speak English or Italian very well! I’ve never trained so hard in my life. It’s a very different set-up to England. Here they like you to come in every day. It’s just the Italian way, not just Juventus, and something you adapt to. Since coming here I’ve literally had two days off in two months, and I’ve spent them with family.

quotes from DailyMail