Arsenal photos :

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Birmingham City photos:

Denmark international team photos:

  1. I love him so much, I believe in him, me, and I love him unlike many persons who blame him, he’s a great player, but he’s so young so people dont must hate him for his errors, he’ll become a legend, I think so!! I love you Bendtner!!
    I love Stevie, and am a red fan but I also love Bendtner, I love both of them!


  3. oi, sou brasileira…
    mas essa distancia toda não me faz deixar de torcer
    e amar muito o arsenal e ser sua fã….

  4. not a bad player. who wants 2 bet that the arsenal attack future is bendtner and carlos vela

  5. Class player, better than ade

  6. My favorite player!
    Gr8Bendtner 4ever!
    Nice site!

  7. محمد جمال

    اللاعب رائع…ويقدم مستويات رائعه مع الارسنال

    كل التوفيق له

    والله ومحمد وعلي معاه

  8. ‘ Spell his fucking name right !!!! It’s without a c ! It’s N I K L A S !!! No one from England nows how to spell it xD

  9. Hate to make to feel bad but Bendtner is spelled Nicklas. It is with a C, and not without.
    He is a great player player, and he is a cool person. We all like him here in Denmark (Im from Denmark).

  10. Maxamed Jannaale

    He is very good player

  11. Hmm, aldrig har verden set en så fræk, lækker, talentfuld angriber som Bendtner.. DU STYRER… Knuzz

  12. Hotter than Ronaldo and Beckham..

  13. i love him so much as arsenal and Denmark player.
    very good player..
    need to develop, and i am very sure that he will be a very good striker in the world of football in the future..

  14. HAmidreza from IRAN

    I love DENMARK

    My favorite player==================== NICK BENDTNER

  15. i lovee you niklas !!!

  16. you are soo sexyy

  17. I´ve been love you all the time, also before you got famous. I really wanna to get married to

  18. bendtner is going 2 be one of the best players in europe one day i believe 4rm nigeria and i like the so much Up Gunners?

  19. Bendtner any person that say bad agaist you must surely say good about you one day. i believe one day you will make Arsenal proud.i love you bendtner?

  20. i don’t care what people says about you……! i really love you for me youare the best player in the world just wait till the time. go……go…go….bendtner i always pray for you

  21. what is actually bendtner’s jersey number for denmark? I’ve seen him wear 21,11,9 and 8.. what number he will wear at the 2010 world cup?

  22. Hi I love you so much Nicklas dont pay attention to them who balme you I am in your service for ever

  23. Bentdner has really come on last getting a b52 shirt….

    hes proven himself at the highest level against the likes of barcelona.

    arsenal 4 life

  24. Manden i mit liv ❤

  25. Well every body notice when a player is good! i saw him in the second world cup game, and Bendtner is really good. hopefully Denmark will go to the next round helped by by Nicklas.

    Alberto from Omaha,NE.USA.

  26. Hej Niklas<3* jeg syns du helt vilt smuk,dejlig*,SØD og den LÆKERSTE I HELE VERDEN 😛 vis du ikk kan husk hvem jeg er..???<3* SÅ får du svard:s..DIN KOSINE !!!!!! *_*..;)

  27. ooi, também sou brasileira, e mesmo assim adoro você Nicklas, torci muito pra voces ganharem mas não deu né? quem sabe da próxima… Beijos.

  28. go to hell shitadebayor ,niky is best ,we proud of him.
    a gunner fan

  29. You must score an impressive goal to get proud of me…

  30. Som din største og mest troværdige fan.

    Please smid nogle flere kasser ind, så jeg kan lukke munden på mine venner.

    Du er for vild, vis det 🙂

  31. well, i don’t care about all the people tell me what kind of person Bendtner is, he’s my favorite football player !! NB52 GOOOO!!!

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