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Calling all football fans, Arsenal,Birmingham City,Juventus,Sunderland and Denmark or even Sports enthusiasts worldwide, If you have any questions football related or any queries on NB’s football career you are welcomed to ask them in this section. Leave a comment and i will try help and reply as soon as possible. cheers people

  1. George Englezos

    Hey man.. Can you come in contact with Nicklas? I’d love to meet him, he is my favorite player…:)

  2. sorry m8, i have no contact with Nicklas, thnx for da comment

  3. Dear Nicklas…!

    A desperate danish mum is here..:)
    is it possible to get your autograph and foto for my son Simon on his birthday 21 th October???


  4. Sorry, this is not Nicklas himself, nor do i have contact with him, you could try writing to the Arsenal training ground.

  5. I am sorry to say, but I’ve heard that Nicklas is so arrogant. Most people says he is disliked by his teammates. To me, Nicklas seems to have high self-confident, but not being cocky. I don’t think this is a problem for him or us. Nicklas is also compared with Anelka, and this frustrates me. As you’re a real Gooner, what do you think about this? I also think that other teams fans are jealous on us to have a great talented like him.

  6. Thanks for replying, anyway. Well, what do you think about Nicklas being headbutted by adebayor? People told me that this situation showed his arrogance, but I totally disagree with them.

  7. I went in the same school as Nicklas Bendtner, and in the same class as his littlebrother, and Bendtner is a bit cocky, but not in a bad way. He’ve always said and done what he wanted to.

    – And about the headbut situation, people who say it showed his arrogance.. WHAT?! Get real.. People are blaiming Bendtner for the accident, but i believe that Adebayor was least just as guilty.

  8. Hey Kappel! You know Nicklas as well as his little brother!! Cool! Are they nice? Anyway, I don’t think he’s cocky, but just a high self- confident.

  9. Hey!

    Sorry for asking stupid question, but just curious. I’ve heard that Nicklas is dating Steve Bruce’s daughter, Amy, right? When he scored goals for arsenal, he always send a kiss up to his girlfriend in the crowd. That’s so sweet!!

  10. i’m not sure

  11. I am sure she is Steve Bruce’s daughter becaue somebody saw the couple went to see game Chelsea vs. Wigan together.

  12. About Nicklas’s trivia, he has been voted to be the hottest and sexiest player in Denmark. He has got 61%. That’s cool,isn’t it?

  13. Is Amy Bruce a HotSpurs’ Lady player? any one has the pic? XD

  14. No! Amy Bruce is not a player, I saw the pic, she’s good-looking!

  15. Wow Jenny you saw the pic??!!! I really hope you can send 2 me if it wont annoy u. Thanks a billion. (o^∇^o)

    my email:

  16. I’ve already sent you the pic, check it out!

  17. Awesome!!! Jenny Very appreciate it

  18. Hey Matthew!

    Have you ever met Nicklas in person?

  19. yes, i have met him only once after a reserve game away at Fulham last season he was playing in that match.

  20. Hey!

    I’ve heard that Nicklas will move to other teams coz. he can’t get along with arsenal’s teammates, tell me this is so stupid and it’s no true.

  21. It’s not true Wenger has just said he expects big things from Nicklas this season. Bendtner’s not going nowhere !

  22. Does anyone know if Bendtner has a girlfriend or knows where abouts he lives?

    no im not going to stalk him.

  23. Does he really have a girlfriend?
    Please could you send me a picture of her?
    My email address is

  24. Hey ! He does has a girlfriend, and she’s Amy Bruce, Steve Bruce’s daughter!

  25. Hey Lauren!

    I’ve already sent you a pic, let’s see it!

  26. Did Nicklas get Danish Talent of the eyar 2007 award? I’ve heard that Kasper Schmeichel took this prize!

  27. Bendtner won it i’m sure he had a picture with himself drawn as a cartoon aswell after he had won the award

  28. hey jenny could u send us the piccy of bendtnre girlfriend

  29. hello i from germany nicklas you the best foótball player of the world

  30. Hey,

    can anyone send me the pic of amy bruce and nicklas together? Are they definately boyfriend and girlfriend??


  31. yeah! They’re a great couple! I’ll send ypu gus the pic, just give me your e-mail!

  32. Hey there!

    I’ve heard from the mirror that Nicklas dumped Steve Bruce’s daughter, but I think the media is a real liar. Somebody saw Nicklas’s family and Steve Bruce’s family went on holidays together at Marbella and Barbedos in Spain.

  33. Guys! I reccommend these youtube in topic of Nicklas Bendtner on Teenage Kicks and The Players’ Lounge at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. They are so awesome!

  34. Nice blog I really like your writing style,it is really interesting to read your articles

  35. Hi!
    could you send me a picture of his (ex)girlfriend Amy please as well =)
    Really curious to see her!
    By the way, great site, I come here often ;*


  36. Hey Matthew!

    I’ve heard that Arsenal won’t extend Nicklas’s contact, so his contract will be expired in summer 2010. It’s not true, right? Or will Nicklas move out? I know he didn’t play well in the past few games, but I’m sure he can make something big happen with his talent. Will Nicklas play tommorrow?

  37. hey, does anyone know what Nicklas’ middle name is?

  38. I think Nicklas doesn’t have middle name. It just Nicklas Bendtner

  39. I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

  40. Hello,
    My need is can you work as Nicklas to send me his pictures all time you are free through my email address?
    Because I love nicklas morethan I tell.

  41. As Van Persie and Bendtner are both injured, do you think Arsenal can continue their blistering form? The gunners now seem to lack an experienced striker. And Fabregas is tipped to leave for Spain next summers, due you think its true?
    One last thing I’m desperate to get Bendtner’s autograph or of any Arsenal player. Can you help me to get one?

  42. Emil Nannestad Hansen

    What was he´s Favorite team when he was young?

  43. Does he really have a gf or is it just the media? Because I buy arsenal magazine and has his diary and he never mention about any gf.

  44. whats the highest numbers of goals bedtner has scored in a premiership match

  45. he has scored twice in one match last season.

  46. hey Bendtner. can we be allowed to get a interwiew with you because we do a magazine at school so you would be a great help if you so bothered mvh. tobias Egholm hansen & oscar Bech

  47. I like to congratulate for his amazing goal and Denmark win match. Keep playing good!!!! because you are good on the field.
    Congratulations!!!! again.

  48. Hi Nichols,
    How do I become a proffesnoil Footballer like you

  49. Can i poo in your boots?

  50. How, awreet marra? Here, Nicks all git mint and that reet, but I was just wondering, do you reckon he is actually something akin to he-man, battling the evil Chamakh who is seeking to take his place in the arsenal squad so that he can continue his quest for world domination? I have been telling the gooners that nicky b represents all that is good in the world but they wont see it- oh they are blinded my brother- I think they have been infected by the wrath of Chamakh, the evil Chamakh, we cannot let this happen my brother, the world needs its eyes opened to let the light that is Bendtner shine forth and illuminate. Oh, and by the way, who do you reckon would win a fight if a 1 mile squared cage was placed on uneven ground and the following were put into it: lion, tiger, crocodile, silverback gorilla, brown bear, polar bear, bendtner? I reckon Nick would knack the lorrathem leek.

  51. @SAFCFTM what you been smoking?,haha

  52. Hi nick i am fan from nigeria , pls i really want u back in arsenal team

  53. i have heard Niklas doesnt know where the barn door is and has a banjo. i’m a bit confused has he started a band. a lifelong gooner and would love to see him have a successful musical career.

  54. Do Bendtner and RvP have a problem with eachother???

  55. hi can you please post the denmark squad for Canada frindly game i know bendy isnt in it but want to see the new faces thanks in advance ^_^

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