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  2. i have been looking at comment on ur site and as a matter of urgency i want it to ask a question is nb really a class player or just an average player that u are trying to make into a world class player , knowing that i am fan of dane footballers and my favourite is elkaer larsson .

  3. not at all Aaron, Bendtner is well onto way to becoming a world class player in my opinion. People are quick to forget the good parts he does but slate him off for the bad stuff. I think he’s young and is already at an advanced level for his age he could still be playing U21 football but no he is one of the main vocal points in Denmark’s national side.

  4. NIcky, keep up the good work….you played brilliantly yesterday and the goals will come!!!!!

  5. To Niclas Bendtner.
    Du har saa ofte pralet med og mener du vil hoere til vardens bedste spillere.Jeg har set to kampe med dig.Du var simpelthen en kaempeskuffelse.Hele tiden sad jeg og haabede,du ville score paa de hundrede procent chancer du havde imod Blackburn,men nej..Du er blevet saa langsom ,ingen koncentracion vinder ikke mange naerkampe,hvis du overhovedet gider gaa ind i dem.Du ligner en spiller ,der har brug for et eller andet raad.du har ogsaa det problem,at dine medspillere ikke gider spille dig.Du er sikkert en flink fyr,men lad vaere med at prale og holde benene paa jorden.Jeg haaber du vil blive bedre for loerdag var bunden naaet for dig Aergeligt



  7. niclas keep it up

  8. To Nick,

    You’re excellent…I like you

    Does Nick have a girlfriend please let me know !!!

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  10. Hey..

    I’m from Denmark to and I know that Nicklas is a class player! And Flemming, why do you write in danish? Are you to stupid to write in english? If you are from Denmark and you doesn’t know how to write in english, you can’t be very smart. Or is it just because you think it’s fun to demean Nicklas Bendter who is a good football player? And are to scared to take responsibility for what you say?
    I’m just saying if you think he is that bad, then don’t comment on a site about him?

  11. Kom så Niklas du skal score mange gange her til VM og så skal vi jo have GULDET

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  13. Bendtner kan få ordnet sin lyskeskade på den klinik.

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  15. will you sign for newcastle,you will recieve a years supply of pie’s

  16. Vinicius Leodoro

    Hi Bendtner,
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  17. the guy is a idiot for what he said about arsenal and im a united fan

  18. but yaeh nice site you should make one about someone worthwhile tho.

  19. match for sale & free preiction + tips to bet

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